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I help parents empower their child's learning and success. I remember feeling like a prisoner during my public school experience, so I decided to help free the students who may have felt like me. As Principal of Valor Academy, I serve parents and teenagers with early high school graduations and diplomas. I also do continued enrollment for some families who are not ready to graduate yet. And for others, I provide homeschooling coaching and consulting services so their homeschooling adventures are more successful, faster. I published John Taylor Gatto's "The Underground History of American Education: Volume 1". I created the Education Options Expo, which turned into YouTube channel. In my Homeschool Leader facebook group, you will learn about easy-to-use homeschooling curriculum, strategies, and projects which empower your child and give you peace of mind.

Homeschool Parent Training - How to Homeschool with Confidence - Vol. 1


Freedom Based Education - Dayna Martin & David James Rodriguez - 12 Hour Course

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High School Graduation & Diploma - Valor Academy

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Enrollment of Your Student - Valor Academy

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