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Freedom Based Education - Dayna Martin & David James Rodriguez - 12 Hour Course

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How to Peacefully Empower Your Child's Education Without Forcing Them to Read, Write, or Do Math

Secret 1

How to Practice "Freedom Based Education" with Ease and Joy While Letting Go of Unhealthy Worries

Secret 2

How to Use "Freedom Based Education" Even If You Were Raised Without Much Freedom

Secret 3

How to Succeed With "Freedom Based Education" Despite Having a Small Budget or Fear of the Government

This 12 hour course occurs over a 6 week schedule, with 2 hours per session.

In the training, you will learn:

-Why children are born learners and how YOU can facilitate their learning easily and joyfully

-Which systems are failing and how to avoid psychological damage caused by traditional schools

-Ways to positively change the entire trajectory of your child’s life

-Why children belong where they are safe, with those who love and know them

-How to stop your child from being used  to further an agenda that has nothing to do with their health and emotional well-being

-Why Freedom-Based Education is the Future of Learning

-What to say when you’re overwhelmed with fear or doubt

-How to Inspire Your Child, Even if You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

-When the Best Learning Happens

and much more!

You are invited to join this useful course that will bring positive transformation to your entire family.

It’s called Freedom-Based Education.

And this approach has been one of the best kept secrets of personal success and learning in history. Until now.

Two of the world’s leading voices for Freedom-Based Education are coming together to give this powerful training to parents, like you, who wish to bring more joy, peace, growth and heart-connection with their children and teens.

Now is the best time to learn about Freedom-Based Education and this is where YOU come in!!

We are living during the most powerful time in human history and so many people are waking up to their own potential!

Join us for this inspiring conversation amongst great minds and visionary parents that will help you to take the steps necessary to live the life of your dreams with your kids!

John Paul Jackson said that an idea goes through three stages: ridicule, active resistance, and being accepted as if it always was.

This is exactly what has been happening with the evolution of Freedom-Based Education!

Dayna was willing to be ridiculed for over a decade before her ideas started catching on!

Now, an ENORMOUS percentage of homeschoolers are unschoolers and the numbers are snowballing!

The short story is that Dayna met David Mexico in 2015 when she was a keynote speaker. That is when their friendship began.

Over the years, Dayna and David have worked as advocates together and been powerful combined forces in the Voluntary Education and Unschooling movement.

In 2018, Dayna and David traveled to Shenzhen, China where they were possibly the first-ever advocates to present Unschooling philosophy to Chinese parents. It was life-changing for the families there and they made history.

Now it's YOUR turn to make history for you and your family!

Let us take you through our strategies, approaches, tactics, and mindsets which have been used to empower thousands of parents for decades.

We can help you take this huge step forward with peace of mind and confidence!

Sign up now for this empowering course and get ready to change your parenting paradigm and make it possible for you to live a life that you only thought others could live.

You won’t look at parenting and education the same again…

Both Dayna and David have a strong passion for empowering children, teens, and parents to live a life that they love.

About Your Hosts

David James Rodriguez & Dayna Martin
Homeschooling & Unschooling Coaches

Dayna Martin has been the world’s leading voice in the Unschooling and peaceful parenting movement for over two decades. She is a mother of 4, advocate, speaker, educator, and author of three books about Radical Unschooling. She has helped thousands of families worldwide step into a new parenting paradigm.

Her Work has helped parents let go of conditioned ideas surrounding parenting and education.

David James Rodriguez helps parents empower their children using homeschooling, apprenticeships, and customized learning strategies. He's the Principal of Valor Academy, an author, homeschool coach, and publisher of "The Underground History of American Education" by John Taylor Gatto.

He’s helped thousands of parents through his consultations and Education Options TV channel.

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This 12 Hour Course Gives Peaceful Parents Empowering Strategies, Approaches, Phrases, and Real Life Success Stories for Homeschoolers, Unschoolers, and Self-Directed Learners. Filmed with Live Participants, You'll Gain 20+ Years of Wisdom in this 6 Week Program, 2 Hours Per Week. Come Experience the Joy & Freedom of Voluntary Learning!


Freedom Based Education - Dayna Martin & David James Rodriguez - 12 Hour Course

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